Monday, 10 November 2014

Revisit: the Arc @ Rimbayu

Return to our own created architectural space, to observe how community enjoy this piece of green. Past arduous process throughout design and construction stage, has realised us this green masterpiece, set a very remarkable architectural milestone.
 Family Outing
The Arc, with multi-functional community space as fundamental principle, created as an ideal venue for social and recreational activities and sports events. Time to time, we always like to revisit this green masterpiece, intended to survey the outcome of the creation, and experience the space quality. It is simply excited to see how the extensive green curtain has covered up the massive green canopy RC structure, and our initial intention of place-making to create a community venue / park that can attract people because they are pleasurable.
 Friends Outing
This multi-faceted approach to the community space creation, design and management of this public spaces has set a very high benchmark to this new created township be top of lifestyle. Community who use this piece of green regularly can provide the most valuable perspective insights into how the are functions, and help to identify subjects that are important to consider in improving the space, as well as a lesson to us for next task.
 Let's fly kite!
Chinese New Year Open House - Lion Dance Performance under 8m high RC structure.
 Rimbayu Charity Run (images from IJM Land Website)
Rimbayu Pets Day (images from IJM Land Website)
Observing a space allows us to learn how the space is used. We always believe the task of place making for any community space are never finished, this is because the use of good places changes daily, weekly and seasonally, which makes management critical. Given the certainty of change and fluid nature of the use of the space at different times, the challenge is to develop the ability to respond effectively.
  Youth Soccer weekly practice.
 A pets lover uploaded a short video clip. Interesting to see how community enjoy this green piece.