Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Comic & Architecture

Sometimes we encourage the designers / architects in our design studio to express a complex message in a readily understandable diagrams  or images to supplement their conventional architectural visual representations. Although traditional architectural drawings are well suited for identifying problems, or great visualizing for design idea. Somehow, they are often difficult for laypeople to understand.
Recently, we get an intern to use the comic strip mediums , a very first try in our design studio to express our design idea. The combination of comic strip and diagrammatic drawing makes it possible to express our idea in a very distinctive and succinct manner, in a unique visual style that is accessible to wider audience.
Design team: Garis Architects
Comic Artist: Jonathan Lim
(Ar Ngu Ngie Woon, Albert Chua, Daniel, Kwan Seng) 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Nature to Nurture

The proposal of this masterplan calls for an unprecedented sub-urban neigbourhood reflecting the persona of the place - the historical connotation of Penang, Malaysia & the nostalgia of the paddy field. The proposal includes a simple yet strategic integration of green parks, wetlands and connectivity to emphasize for a healthy & holistic lifestyle. Sound residential parameters, critical infrastructure design elements through a connected and dynamic landscape to create a strong sense of place.  

Realising the adverse implication of modern development, the proposal goes beyond than just a place of accommodation. The masterplan schemed as a reactive place in constant dialogue with its surroundings, changing the conditions and the experiences for the user within.

Design team: Garis Architects
(Ar Ngu Ngie Woon, Albert Chua, Alia Aida) 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Breeze of Nature

Taman Tugu Greenovation Design Competition is to design innovative benches serve as iconic features of the park. With the objectives of the competition to foster creative thinking and promote the design idea that speaks to the nature.

It was a quickie task conducted in GAde Design Workshop. The task assigned to the design team intended to have fun with the design exploration besides the daily architecture work. We didn't set any design boundary for ourselves, but let the design idea flow naturally.

Our idea came from the wonderful feeling one gets from lying in a field of wild flower in Taman Tugu, feel the breeze of nature. By lowering the level of your body to the Earth, you are able to share space with the flowers and enter a new atmosphere that we are not often able to experience.

Design team: GAde Design Workshop / Garis Architects
(Ar Ngu Ngie Woon, Albert Chua, Daniel Tiong)

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Creative CNY2018 Greeting Game Clip

Season greeting card always the most interesting and challenging task for our design studio. We had tried to improve and challenge our creativity to create a fascinating and playful greeting clip to deliver seasonal greeting to our fellow associated business partners, consultants, clients, friends and families.

This year, we challenged ourself to reflect the good old time the beginning of digital game moment. Innovation of Pixel art is form of digital artist where the image and the creatures are edited in pixel level. The design team using a method call "spiriting" to create or modify the pixel art characters Or objects for this seasonal greeting video clip.

Design team: GAde Design Woekshop / Garis Architects
(Ar Tang Hsiao Seak, Ar Ngu Ngie Woon, KwanSeng, Albert, Daniel)

Friday, 15 December 2017

Research Campus & Retirement Home Village

Located within the lush tropical landscape at Malaysia, the site is characterized by lakes and water channels. The design of this research based campus is responds to the physical landscape of the site and to the weather patterns particular to this tropical environment.

To allow students to move around the campus freely, while shaded from the sun or protected from downpours, spaceship-shaped canopies shelter the pedestrian paths that wind around the eastern of the site. These canopies intersect to encircle a landscaped park. Arranged around the edge of the canopies are buildings of teaching and research, contained in institution blocks that tuck beneath the edges of the canopies.

Besides, retirement home village has been designated at the western side of the development. Community and the existing landscape natural world became the inspiration for this elderly village, which provides residents with easy access to the outdoors and plenty of the space to gather. The aims of the design is to provide "a sense of belonging in an era of uncertainty" for this group of residents.

Design Architects: Garis Architects S/B (Ar Ngu Ngie Woon)

Friday, 3 November 2017

Farming on the Skysraper

Green urban architecture has been around for a while, it has been widely development from bioclimatic architecture by Dr Ken Yeang back in 80's. Dr Ken Yeang started applying his sustainable design methodology in his skyscrapers design, theoretical writing and researches. Many of the ecologically sustainable buildings being developed today, owe their design principles to the methodology of Dr Ken Yeang.

Today, urban farming and farming on the high rise has been widely discussed and integrated. New self-sustaining urban farming idea is being planned to breath life back into the city.

An idea of eco-farming has been assimilated in one of our highrise tower design that nested at industrial land use land. Re-development proposal of this land into urban farming center that integrates technology for resource cycling (rainwater harvesting & cycling, garden fertilization to create a mixed-use building and vertical farming as new typology of community living skyscraper.

A community market place has been designated at the podium of the development. The vision of these green market is vibrant key node for civic and community uses. The market place is intended to reconfigure the public nodes and its connectivity to adjacent BRT, station. Also, the adjacent future developments enhanced. Its provide a comfortable green gathering space, setting up of events.

The towers would be covered with lush farming terrace on the west façade. The planted terraces for each floor will help to absorb sound, provide shade and cleanse the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. In addition to providing the same benefits as vertical farming terrace, it also create a living environment for birds and wildlife.
Design Architects: Garis Architects S/B; GAde Design Workshop
(Ar Ngu Ngie Woon)

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Arc - Winner of Place Making & Public Space Award (MIPPEA)

The winners of the Malaysia Institute Planners (MIP) Planning Excellence Awards were revealed at a ceremony at Kuala Lumpur on 25th November 2016. Fifteen projects from across the state were acknowledged from a total entry pool of 68.

Congratulation to Garis Architects Sdn Bhd and the whole design team. We are honoured to be awarded as Winner in Place Making & Public Space Award - MIP Planning Excellence Awards (MIPPEA 2016).  
project info:
project name: the arc at bandar rimbayu
location: bandar rimbayu, selangor, malaysia
architect: garis architects sdn bhd
design team: ar tang hsiao seak, ar steven ngu ngie woon
client: bandar rimbayu sdb bhd, IJM land berhad