Wednesday, 24 September 2014

RainWater Harvesting Inspiration

Global climate changed, in particular global warming; Ozone depletion; Loss of habitat, and endangerment of species. 

Environmental Design and Sustainability became main factor to be addressed in most of the development. In terms of a larger scope, environment design has implications for the industrial design of products: automobile, energy re-used, solar panel and etc. 
Architecturally, Innovation became key challenge to address the environmental design on top of industrial product application.

In one of the recent project / competition winning scheme, we have proposed Landscaped Vertical Green Column in a new township development. A robust and comprehensive Green structure has been introduced as feature element which became Water Collector / Waterway. Rainwater is collected from the canopy, and drained down to the on-site detention pond, stored and to be recycled for irrigation and water features. It's also designed as temperature cooling feature to the public spaces. 

Urban farming deck has been introduced in conjunction with the Green Column, which intend to add greenery to cities, reducing harmful run-off, increasing shading, and countering he unpleasant heat island effect. 

Entire system became more sophisticated by introducing urban agro-culture with urban agriculture. Recreation Lake potentially became ground for agriculture, with the idea of Kelong to be integrated at community spaces. 

Sustainable Environment Design getting more meaningful with the idea of bringing Urban Farming closer to community.