Sunday, 14 June 2015

the Arc through photograher's eye

Without a doubt, the Arc, this enclave still awaken all our senses, giving a relaxed-cum-stress-free environment. Likewise, providing an alluring atmosphere which will create a lasting impression on the visitors.
It is always interesting to know what is the captivating image of the Arc through other photographer's eye. Some fascinating angle captured by Andy Lim, a professional photographer.



Friday, 12 June 2015

Post Commonwealth Games - Sports-anchored development

The 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games were held in Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex. It is somewhat complicated to assess the net economic impact of major sporting events on a country's economy. Even though it is a known fact that mega-events can nonetheless leave substantial legacies in the form of infrastructure and urban renewal, much depends on the extend to which new facilities fit broader economic interest.
Post-Games redevelopment of the Sports Venue city always a big challenge for the host countries to ensure the legacy and economic growth of the city. Urban regeneration and repositioning the perception of cities is a central aspect of game bids.
A task came to my drawing board to see the prospective development to the city to avoid "white elephant" city effect at post-games phase. So it is essential to design sites for sustained legacy use, long after an event has passed. We have create concepts that make venues themselves more adaptable.
Integrated urbanism, and our approach to masterplanning acknowledges the interdependence of urban systems and communities as well as economic on the future. We understand how placemaking can shape the future of the location, and delivering urban working and living environments that will attract local and international investment, transforming the future of the city.'
Re-imagination of the city's central waterfront corridor at sport city - as a series of diverse, thriving neighbourhoods. Designated plans open space for development, and also bring focus on delivery of a new commercial district and sports festive arcade.