Saturday, 1 June 2013


A serpentine-walkway’ crawls to connect all the functional spaces and pavilions. In the journey across with meandering and shifting vistas, one will experience different aspects of the Waterway Park segments, its themes and sights of pavilions in the landscape from various angles.                        
Characteristics: winding (plan), twisting (3D), changing elevation & width, light and seemingly ‘floating’ over the pond.
Modular and off-the-shelf industrial steel products are intentionally explored in building the ‘serpentine walkway’ – erected from 4 modules of cantilevered half portals braced together by virtue of the twisted geometry.
Materials used are: cold-rolled galvanised C purlins, compressed fibreboards, galvanised steel mesh, lightweight aerated concrete blocks, polycarbonate sheets (most cost-effective, lightweight, low-maintenance material available that can twist and warp in hyperbolic paraboloid form to meet the design intent).

All above Description by: Ar Tang Hsiao Seak
Design Architects: Garis Architects S/B
(Ar Tang Hsiao Seak / Ar Ngu Ngie Woon)
Project Title: Symphony Hills Club House
Location: Cyberjaya, Malaysia