Friday, 14 March 2014

Reinforce Space Character

Wherever possible, opportunities should be taken to create new public spaces in association with development. The comfort, safety and convenience that people experience in travelling through public spaces determines the success of that space. Public spaces should offer an attractive, safe and enjoyable environment for all and not just be designed for traffic. Well-designed public spaces should function as part of a network of pedestrian routes providing for the needs of all users.
Good architecture never be separated from landscape. The flow of indoor-outdoor spaces manipulating quality and space coherent. By Providing a clear and coherent spatial structure with distinctive landscape offering potential for diversity and vitality. Landscape Design should connect with the surrounding structure and address adjacent spaces form and character. 

Above sketches are produced for a high-end condominium project 2 years ago. In practice, High Density Residential Development never be my favor in architecture, when everything come to dollar and cents, efficiency and layman's perception, the products / solutions always end up with ordinary approaches. Hence, landscape design always been neglected in the design process. 
Lately, after few project upset by landscape specialist, my design colleague suggested our practice should include landscape design consultancy, instead of allowing the landscape architect upset the entire ambient of the development. And we strongly believe, by considering and linking the indoor space with landscape spaces, it surely give a distinctive solutions for our future projects. 
Ya, why not, let's step in to landscape architecture!