Thursday, 16 June 2016

Reviving Community Spirit

Life is about human relationships. A sense of community creates a better living environment. Township that offer a strong community benefits the individual and the greater society. Therefore, the role of township planning and architecture is to propound the importance of sense of community for a better home that provides its occupants with a better quality of life.

Always inspired with countryside living that crafted lush green space and inviting activities for entire family to enjoy the great outdoor. While every designer emphasizing "Live, Play & Work", we are here to build home in development. Beside "Live, Play & Rest", we are creating Home to raise families. This is a cozy enclave you and your family can call Home. 

With the strategic development planning is to be well integrated with existing nature, generous facilities for leisure and sports activities has been designated at the edge of existing lake. As a bridge connecting the gaps within the contextual environment, the proposed unique features becomes place-maker - a node celebrating nature's moments which then becomes an ideal place for human activity especially home-making.