Tuesday, 26 July 2016


    This presentation outlines the evolution of landed residential typology developed in our practice over time reflective of the myriad changing conditions and growth of the society and nation. 

    The evolution sees the transformation of rudimentary linked house typology - built based on speed and quantitative approach to solving housing problems of the nation - to building community based on qualitative appraisal of the environment and its sustainability. 

    The visuals are mapped through the basic principles that their manifestations themselves have seen evolution over time, namely: community _ identity _ safety & security _ amenity _ sustainability

    With growing wealth brings choice and qualitative appraisal from the people

    With changing family and tenancy makeup brings sophisticated and new hybrid, evolutionary typologies

    With greater awareness in health and well-being brings active lifestyle and connectedness to the outdoor considerations

    With rising crime rate defensible space principles become relevant again in addressing safety and security issues

    With traffic congestions we integrate building design with public transport and explore personal mobility solutions, whilst accessibility to local amenities and services become more important and integrated

All above Description by: Ar Tang Hsiao Seak
Design Architects: Garis Architects S/B
(Ar Tang Hsiao Seak / Ar Ngu Ngie Woon)
Composed by: Albert Chua

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