Thursday, 28 July 2016


In the context of modern, tropical, diverse, developing Asian cities - representing Garis Architects’ evolving works in the underlying agenda to push for change from the working level and from the lowest unit intervention - The Arc _ Rimbayu sets the precedent for a community-based township in the following ways:
    A flexible and adaptable multi-program structure that functions as a catalyst for a new township - stage 1: gallery & office; and stage 2: community centre.

    A demarcation on the landscape in the act of place-making by establishing an identity for the community and township - an antithesis to a visual icon or landmark for the sake of a symbol.

    Functionally provides shelter and serves as the collective public domain for various community amenities - bazaar, street, square, park, sports centre, shops, prayer rooms, meeting spaces, learning places, community farm, recycling centre, etc.

    An urban connector between residential enclaves and commercial hub - vehicle-free pedestrian/ cyclist promenade and canal to reduce reliance on motor vehicle

    A typology and business model for privately initiated community hub and centre for community-based projects
 As a typology and community-centric solution intending for residents to take up ownership and identity, the project aims to achieve through the following aspects in its design:

    improve connectivity - designed as a major linkage - at pedestrian level to reduce reliance on motor vehicle

    replace, increase and improve existing landscape and hydrology for a balanced ecosystem and to promote biodiversity

    make parkland and the public or semi-public realm more inclusive for the community

    incorporate in design greenery - vertical and horizontal - to improve insulation, cooling and air quality

    turn stormwater drainage and collection system into positive, compelling and interactive design in place-making by incorporating it into the architecture and landscaping at conception

    use sustainable design and ecosystem as keys to engage the community and to serve as showcase for social/community living, informal and interactive educational programs, urban farming, etc

    derive typology or model that is easy to build, replicate and adapt for different location, usage, context and able to evolve over time
All above Description by: Ar Tang Hsiao Seak
Design Architects: Garis Architects S/B
(Ar Tang Hsiao Seak / Ar Ngu Ngie Woon)

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